Q&A:  Choosing a Band for a Wedding Reception

Q1: What are some things you should consider in choosing a live band?
→ Look over your guest list and consider a band that will offer a great selection of music to move people of all ages onto the dance floor throughout the reception.  An experienced bandleader will help guide you through the process of selecting music that will keep all of your guests entertained.
→ Versatility is as important as virtuosity.  When a good band plays a jazz standard, you should be able to feel and envision a jazz band playing.  When playing a rock song, you should experience the sound and feel of a rock band. (not a jazz band playing a rock song!)
→ Trust the testimonials of previous customers or people who were guests at weddings where the band performed.  A good band has the ability to "read a crowd" and make subtle adjustments needed to maintain the flow and energy of the party.

Q2:  Band or DJ?
→ In our experience, nothing takes the place of a live musical performance in terms of energy, excitement and engaging all of your wedding guests.  Some couples choose a DJ because they want the original recordings of their favorite songs.  Most bands performing for weddings have their own DJ equipment, and will gladly play original recordings of your special requests.

Q3:  Can you request songs for the band to play ~ not play ~ learn?
→ Many bands will learn a few special requests, whether for a special dance or another part of the reception.  We encourage couples to provide us with a list of their requests along with songs to avoid playing.  We'll combine your request list with our "crowd-reading" experience in selecting songs that would be most effective to play at different times during the reception.

Q4:  How important is a band's experience?
→ An experienced wedding band will be well-versed in the flow of events during a reception.  The band needs to work with the function director and other professionals in coordinating the differemt events that take place.  For example, the band will need to make sure the photographer and videographer are prepared before starting any of your special dances, cake-cutting ceremony or other formalities. The band's MC should oversee the affair to ensure a smooth transition from one event to another, allowing you to relax and enjoy your special day.

Q5:  How many breaks will a band usually take?
→ During the course of a four-hour wedding reception, bands normally play three sets with two 15-20 minute breaks. The first break would take place during the main course, and a second break is taken between the two dance sets. Our band will play recorded music appropriate for dining during the first break, and up-tempo dance music during the second break.

Q6:  Any other suggestions about choosing a band for your wedding reception?
→ Ask about volume levels. Will your band cater to the needs of your audience, the nature of the room and the preferences of you and your family members by carefully monitoring volume levels during the course of the reception?
→ Trust any feedback you receive from people who have "experienced" a band by attending a reception where they played.  Their experience may actually tell you more than your experience of seeing a band perform briefly under non-ideal conditions at someone else's wedding.  Your vantage point may be confined to a corner in the back of a room, a foyer or hallway looking in from the outside, or another location outside the path of the band's sound system. The dance floor is always the best place for you to hear and feel the sound and impact of a live band.

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